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Being a Carpenter or "Chippy" as many know us is a funny old trade really, after years of training in the craft you get to know a thing or two about how things should be done properly, efficiently & cost effectively.


A Carpenter will often be the longest trade on a major project whilst the other trades periodically drop in to support, this could well explain why the largest percentage of construction project managers started of training in this discipline. 

It should come as no surprise that some Carpenters are versatile and adaptable to carry out less carpentry specific skills when you consider the broad skillset needed to become a Carpenter, Cuts, Angles, Precision are some examples. 

The gift and the curse:

Working with unforgiving naturally imperfect materials to create a perfect finish can come as a challenge when starting out as a Carpenter but then the attention to detail ensures the best possible finish even when working with more forgiving materials.  

Area's Covered

Any projects for new clients that fall within the area shown above will be considered, Once a sound working relationship has been formed further travel is negotiable including neighbouring countries such as France, Spain, Portugal.

With the variety and complexity of some projects its not a simple science to quote for finished jobs this is why you may of heard the term "Day Rate" This method of paying adds some flexibility to allow  for changes to the duration of ongoing projects. 


Many new customers are eager to explore this option without recognising time is money for tradesmen and where a cost can be provided this should be the preferred option.  Based on job specifics i am happy to consider either method. 

Any materials required will need to be either ready waiting at your project at the time and date scheduled for works or pre-paid and available for collection if agreed prior. Any basic fixtures and fittings supplied will be included within the agreed quotation total. 


Any purchases made by myself or my team will need to be covered in full and will be added onto the next upcoming invoice or added onto the next payment.  

Smaller jobs are more flexible often with only a materials deposit required and the Labour balance due on completion. 

Fee Guide

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